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Graceful bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa Textilis Gracilis




Graceful bamboo is a slender weaver bamboo which has a graceful appearance. Graceful or Gracilis Bamboo reaches heights of 25 ft with 1 in culms and is of the non invasive clumping bamboo variety Graceful bamboo is often used for….


For shorter graceful bamboo  View our RG Dwarf down below

graceful bambooasian lemon

Asian Lemon Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa eutuldoides ‘Viridivittta’




Asian Lemon bamboo is a clumping bamboo imported from China that makes a stunning ornamental hedge weather trimmed or not.  With Asian lemon’s yellow colored canes with green stripes. Asian lemon reaches heights of 25 ft with 1 inch canes similar to graceful but..

seabreeze bamboo

NBG Bamboo 


 Scientific name: Our house bamboo



NBG is a medium size clumping bamboo that is one of our fastest growers. This bamboo makes great wind protection and screening from 2 story homes, electrical poles, or towers. Average height 30-35ft but can be maintained at 8-12ft.  NBG has beautiful 2-2.5 inch culms making this a farm favorite.  Our customers love the deep green canes…..

Albo Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa Textilis Albostriata




Albostriata has similar growth patterns to Graceful bamboo but Albo or Albostriata has the additional beauty of random vertical white pin stripes on the culms. Reaching heights to 25 ft with 1 inch culms makes this non invasive clumping variety the perfect bamboo to place in your….

albostriata bamboogolden goddess bamboo

Golden Goddess Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa Multiplex Golden Goddess




Golden Goddess bamboo makes a great hedge bamboo for smaller yards because its height ranges from 6-12 ft. The culms usually grow from 1/4” to 1/2” diameter making this bamboo easy to trim and square into the perfect hedge line. This clumping bamboo is…...

dwarf buddha belly

Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo


 Scientific name: Bambusa Vulgaris Wamin




Dwarf Buddha Belly is one of the most interesting bamboos of them all.  With Wamin’s swollen internodes this bamboo is bound to capture the attention of visitors and become a conversation piece. Heights between 12-15 ft with 3 in canes. This eye catching bamboo….. We also have striped!

Buddha Belly Kimmei


 Scientific name: Bambusa Ventricosa Kimmei




This Giant Bambusa bamboo makes a great wind barrier and screening from noxious uses because of it heights of 40-50ft and 2-3 inch culms. The beautiful clumping bamboo’s culms are yellow with green stripes which are pleasing to the eyes. The canes can be used...

Buddha Belly Green


 Scientific name:  Bambusa Ventricosa




This Giant Bambusa is very similar in growth patterns to Buddha Kimmei but is green in color. This beautiful bamboo makes great barriers and screening because of it 40-50ft heights and 3 inch canes. The canes are strong and can be used for arts, crafts and home made ….

Hawaiian Gold Bamboo


 Scientific name: Bambusa Vulgaris vittata




Hawaiian Gold bamboo is a very popular bamboo because of its bright yellow 4 in culms and distinctive green stripes. Hawaiian Gold makes a great ornamental clumping bamboo center piece. Hawaiian reaches 50 ft tall and the canes can be used for furniture, crafts and...

emerald bamboo

Emerald Bamboo


Scientific name: Bambusa Textilis Mutibilis




Emerald Bamboo is also known as Royal bamboo. Culms reach heights of 40 ft with a diameter of 1.5 inches. Emerald bamboo is very similar to Graceful bamboo but it has larger and taller culms. Emerald bamboo culms erect with a white powder on its beautiful exposed canes..

Tropical Blue Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa Chungii




Blue Bamboo is one of our favorite ornamental center piece bamboos. With its white powder bloom and its muted blue appearance its no wonder why people fall in love with it. This beautiful bamboo reaches 30 ft tall with 2 inch in diameter canes. This clumping bamboo...

yin yang bamboo

Yin Yang Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa Emeiensis Viridiflavus




Yin Yang bamboo is a great ornament collectors bamboo that has stripes that  alternate 180 degrees at each internode. This bamboo grows 35 ft tall with 2.5 inch canes. This bamboo is unique and will attract…..

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Fernleaf Bamboo


 Scientific name: Bambusa Multiplex Fernleaf




Fern leaf is a great hedge bamboo that grows to 16ft with up to half inch canes. Fern leaf bamboo is also great for shaping and trimming to form a manicured box look for your hedge.  Fernleaf is a very tight caned clumping bamboo.  This bamboo is also very good for erosion control and……...

Fernleaf bambooParker Giant bamboo

Parker Giant Bamboo


 Scientific name: Dendrocalamus SP




Parker Giant is one big bamboo.  Parker giant reaches heights of 80 ft with 7 inch  yellow green culms. Parker bamboo has lovely green foliage.  Make sure you plant this bamboo in a location with a lot of room.  The large canes can be used for...

Bonnie Bamboo


 Scientific name: Bambusa Boniopsis




Bambusa Boniopsis or Bonnie bamboo is a smaller growing clumping bamboo with a slightly smaller and delicate appearance.  Bonnie makes great privacy screening. Boniopsis grows up to 20 ft tall with 1 inch culms that broadcast  a smaller leaf pattern.  This bamboo is truly….

bonnie bamboo

Chinese Dwarf Bamboo


 Scientific name: Bambusa Guangxiensis



 Some call this bamboo china Doll. hardy to 27 degrees

Chinese Dwarf bamboo is a very bushy bamboo that can be trimmed into a beautiful dense hedge.  Chinese Dwarf bamboo grows to heights of 15-18 feet but is most often trimmed  to a 6-8 ft hedge.   This clumping bamboo is the perfect bamboo for screening or shaping.  The leaves are….

chinese dwarf bambooOur beautiful bamboo list

Green Hedge Bamboo


 Scientific name: Bambusa Multiplex silver stripe




Green Hedge Bamboo or Silverstripe grows 15 –45 feet tall and makes the perfect privacy hedge. Dense and bushy with green striped canes.  Silverstripe bamboo is a great bamboo for...

oldhamii bamboo

Oldhamii Bamboo


 Scientific name: Bambusa Oldhamii




Oldhamii is a giant timber bamboo with culms  4” in diameter reaching 50-60 ft great for elegant hedge to block 2 story houses or an ornamental center piece. Clumping non invasive variety that shows its culms. This plant…..

Please call before coming to our bamboo farm

Seabreeze Bamboo 


 Scientific name: Bambusa malingensis




Seabreeze or mailing is another mid size clumping bamboo that makes great screening from neighbors. Seabreeze has blue-white blush at each culm section with exposed canes making this bamboo pleasing in appearance. Seabreeze reaches heights of 30-45 ft with 2 in culms. This bamboo…………...






Angel Mist Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Dendrocalamus Minor Amoenus




Angel Mist Bamboo makes a great ornamental bamboo collector piece. This appealing bamboo reaches heights of 35 ft with 3 in powdery white coated canes that will give you an eye pleasing glimpse of green stripes. When looking at the canes they appear to have a ghostly powder mist ..


Rounded Rectangle:

Buddha Clonex Giant


 Scientific name: Bambusa Ventricosa Clonex




This is one big bambusa that can reach heights of 60ft with 3 in canes. This Buddha is very similar to Buddha belly green but it can reach greater heights. Clonex is a clumping bamboo that is great fro screening and barriers. The canes have many uses such as…..

bambusa ventricosa clonex bamboo

Rosa Bamboo       “Rare Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa multiplex Rosa



 This very rare bamboo is similar to Golden Goddess bamboo but with more upright growing. What makes this bamboo so neat is the rare shades of pink and reddish color of its culms. Average height of 6 ft makes this the perfect bamboo for around pools for lower privacy screening or as an amazing collector piece. This bamboo….

ventricosa kimmei bambooalphonse karr bamboobuddha belly bamboo

Striped Dwarf Buddha Belly


Scientific name: Bambusa Vulgaris Wamin



Striped dwarf Buddha belly (rare) is similar to dwarf Buddha belly but instead of dark green canes it has light green canes with dark green striped. This bamboo plant has very attractive swollen internodes and grows in height to 12-15 ft with 3 inch swollen canes. This bamboo is………...

RG Dwarf Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa Textilis  RG DWarf



This Dwarf bamboo grows very similar to graceful but grows to height of only 15-18 ft .RG dwarf bamboo is a perfect bamboo for applications that require bamboo plants with shorter heights while still maintaining the graceful bamboo look. Cold hardy down to 15 degrees green canes with 1inch canes. This is a somewhat rare bamboo but can be a very good choice for above fence line privacy. When it rains this bamboo...

Maylay Variegated Dwarf


Scientific name: Bambusa glaucophylla


Maylay Variegated dwarf bamboo grows to 12ft with gorgeous green and white variegated striped leaves. Dwarf maylay can be used for a short attractive hedge or as a focal point. Dwarf maylay is cold hardy to 25 degrees and can be trimmed or shaped to for your desired look. Culm usually grow straight and to about 3/4 inch in diameter. Maylay variegated dwarf is great around pools and air conditioners.

Black Timor


Scientific name: Bambusa Lako


Black bamboo is a gorgeous bamboo but is slightly cold sensitive. Black bamboo can handle temperatures down to 27 degrees. Cold weather below its hardiness can bring stress that may delay growth for a year or two. Black bamboo is so beautiful it might just be worth the chance. Black bamboo grows to 35 ft with 3 inch canes. Black bamboo shoots come up green but then darken…….

Baby Blue “ Barbie”


Scientific name: Bambusa Chungii Barbelletta


Baby Blue bamboo or Barbie bamboo is a beautiful smaller version of Tropical Blue chungii bamboo. Baby blue grows to 25 ft with 1.5 inch canes. The canes are a beautiful pale powdery blue color. This amazing bamboo is cold hardy down to 21 degrees. This bamboo is easy to fall in love with. With the beautiful blue culms this bamboo is an eye catcher. This bamboo...

Ladyfinger Bamboo


Scientific name: Bambusa Richard Waldron


Ladyfinger Bamboo is a shorter growing bamboo with green leaves and canes that grow more upright than Golden Goddess or Fernleaf bamboo. This bamboo often grows to heights around 10-12 feet tall making if a good option for smaller yards. . …...

Cool Buddha  “Rare Bamboo”


Scientific name: Bambusa Tuldoides “ Swollen Internode


 This extremely rare bamboo has amazing Warped canes like Wamin or Dwarf Buddha Belly except this fantastic bamboo is cold hardy to 15 degrees and grows taller to roughly 18ft in height. Cool Buddha makes a great above the fence privacy screening with awesome unique warped eye catching lower canes. This bamboo  holds a higher price tag now but will lower as time goes by….

Silk Bamboo “Rare Bamboo”


Scientific name: Bambusa Textilis Glabra


This rare and unique eye catcher has blush white bloom on its culms. This would be a great choice for above the fence privacy screening with a kick. Reaching heights of 25 ft with 1” canes this bamboo privacy screener is perfect for blocking out 2 story houses. Although this bamboo may hold a higher price it will likely drop in the future. Its beautiful….

Solitude Bamboo  “rare Bamboo


Scientific name: Bambusa Contracta


 This upright grower is mostly used as a hedge or a collector piece. Canes averaging 1” like graceful bamboo but shorter in height topping out at about 20ft. Hardy to 15 degrees.This bamboo might be slightly more expensive but in a few years price will most likely drop

Golden Hedge Bamboo


 Scientific name:  Bambusa multiplex Alphonse Karr




Most commonly known as Alphonse Karr this clumping bamboo makes great hedges. The culms and branches are yellow with bright green stripes with new culms that deliver a reddish appearance adding a beautiful luscious look. Alphonse Karr reaches 20 ft tall with 1 inch canes..

If you do not see it we probably have it not all of our bamboo plants are advertised